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Martin D. Fragale, founder of the company, would like you to know that when you hire his firm, you will receive:
Martin D. Fragale Investigations is a full-service Charlotte private investigator and surveillance firm, located in the North Carolina Metropolitan Area.  As a leading private investigation company, we provide clients with the most detailed and accurate services around, while guaranteeing the absolute utmost discretion.  With countless years of knowledge and experience, Martin D. Fragale Investigations has successfully completed and solved hundreds of cases.  In doing so, this firm has collaborated with various government agencies, lawyers, and more, covering and mastering every corner of the investigative industry. 
We provide the most expansive and extensive services in investigations and surveillance, surpassing any other competition in our field. 

Martin D. Fragale Investigations not only prides ourselves on our experience and accomplishments, but our immense dedication and commitment to each case and client. We have developed an unwavering, solid reputation within North Carolina’s legal system, for our success rates, honesty, trustworthiness, ambition, and intensely discreet approach.  This long-standing partnership and collaboration with all levels law enforcement and various lawyers, has provided Martin D. Fragale Investigations with an unprecedented amount of knowledge about the codes, laws, and legal systems which govern the state of North Carolina, Charlotte, Huntersville, and numerous surrounding cities. 

1 Free Background Check
With purchase or at least 1 day of surveillance

Why hire our private investigation company?

The staff and investigators at Martin D. Fragale Investigations are experts in all corners of the investigative field.  You name it, not only can we take on your case, but we can provide you with the experts who specialize within that context.  Our generalized services include, but are not limited to:

  • Background Checks/Research (eg: criminal history, reference check, and DMV search)
  • Trial Prep (eg: advice and prep, subpoenas, notarizations, and court filings)
  • Matrimonial, (eg: infidelity, surveillance, and family law)
  • Custody Cases (eg: surveillance, research, witness statements, and asset information)
  • Surveillance (eg: digital equipment, hidden cameras, tracking, etc.)
  • Insurance Claims & Legal Services (eg: workers’ compensation, disability, and liability)
  • School District Services (eg: address history/verification, surveillance, testimony)
  • Sports/Recreational Inquiries (eg: laws/regulations, licensing, ownership laws)

For more detailed information on our services, visit our services page or call us at (704) 323-9095, to speak with a live customer service representative.

Our Clients

As shown by our list of services, Martin D. Fragale Investigations list of clients is diverse and extensive, in every way.  The team of Martin D. Fragale Investigations takes the privacy of our clients very seriously, which means we cannot provide actual names, but our firm has provided services for all kinds of clients, from all walks of life, and with all backgrounds, including: corporate clients, lawyers, legal branches, school districts, small businesses, landlords, and the everyday person.  From individuals to large corporations and both those who are financially secure and those who are not, Martin D. Fragale Investigations provides the same services and puts in the same dedication and effort for each and every one of our clients. 

Our Services